PLEXIGLAS® Light guide film

as light guide films 



High luminois efficiency at very long distances

PLEXIGLAS® Film 0F058 provides excellent light transmission and brilliance due to a low optical density. Based on the very good optical density of PLEXIGLAS® Film 0F058, a high luminous efficiency can be achieved even at very long distances. Therefore it is ideal for light guide applications in displays. Thanks to its high optical purity and transparency it can be used very efficiently for edge-lit applications with LEDs as a light source.

The film is supplied in rolls and can therefore be processed in very efficient roll to roll processes. Coatings can be applied and hot embossing is also possible. Compared to other transparent films without hardcoat, PLEXIGLAS® Film 0F058 has also a superior scratch resistance and - with the same thickness - a higher stiffness. Cuttings and slitting of this film is possible and due to our experience, we recommend to use slitted rolls. Cut to size available upon request.

Technical information